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Like for Like


I’ve always seemed to like things that not many others do, my favouring of the lesser known 90s science fiction tv show Babylon 5 is the prime example of that. However in this social media soaked world we live in these days - getting likes has never been more vogue and like any food plan the keyword is moderation.

I have a Behance page, an Instagram and Twitter account and this here website. Oh and Linkedin, can’t forget Linkedin (I always do - trying to use it more, because… something) and the one constant of them all I ruled by the appreciations. The current trend has been bucked a bit on twitter but usually something I like no reaction, something I’m sharing that Im not expecting much on, praise and appaluase. Yay to the latter this is always a lovely surprise for sure but why is it things Im more keen on don’t seem to get anywhere. The nice lady I’ve drawn here (can’t remember if she’ll appear above or below - writing this before adding the pic) was something I was dead chuffed with. I thought it was a nice drawing but didn’t seem to float anyones boat. Now is this because I posted at the wrong time? I have no grasp on what’s popular? I’m deluded and its a pretty rubbish drawing? It’s just a woman standing there - whats to like? Question, question, question and I’m so bored of being ruled by “I have to draw things people will like to hopefully get work.”

It’s my curse of freelance and curse of social media, I recoginse it but acknowledgement and action are 2 different things for sure. I’m always reminded of the quote I am undoubtlessly paraphrasing here “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.” But that’s what I keep doing!? And it’s annoying me big style now. So this blog post is me getting this out of my head to try and come back to and say stop drawing things to share them (yes sharing is handy for critique, ego and promotion) but it doesn’t have to be everything I draw is instantly put on social media.

I have a tendency to withdraw a lot certainly in the real world. Social anxiety disorder, agoraphobia and anthropophobia are my best friends I think so living online is somewhat easier but I’m very much in danger of transferring my real world phobias to the online world and then I may as well go rent a cave because I’ll be well and truly a hermit then. My goal is to try and create things I enjoy, create things I think will help promote my work and help get me work but not be so fast with the post button and not be so desparate for the likes. You’d think I’d learn desparation took me down a very bad path 15 years ago. I don’t want to go down that path again. Also I want to help more and praise more - that’s important. That’s what I want so I want to give it too. I can’t want it and not give it, that’s not fair.

I feel if anyone ever reads this - it’ll be a yawn fest or I’m moaning too much (and there will probably be people who think that) put yourself on the internet people will have their opinions. I’m also not sure I got to a specific point but thats why its a blog to regurgitate thoughts from my head wihtout reading them back before hitting post (irony?) but here it is.

Like for Like?