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Jane Austen tea towel

Last summer I created this illustration for the Jane Austen centre in Bath - very exciting. It’s a bit of something different for me as I never do type pieces or flowers even though I really enjoy doing both (flowers quite a lot).

So why’s it not going in the new stream lined, new and improved, squarespace powered work pages. I guess just because it’s not in the area I’m pushing myself to work in? I mean not that the tea towel market isn’t a fine market to work in - I’m kidding, if all I got was tea towel illustrations but they were of fun things to draw who am I to complain!?

I guess recently I’ve been thinking more and more of what I want to do as an illustrator not lets make money and draw anything, an illustrator whore if you will (note - reread this later and delete if inappropriate) and right now that’s crack those easy to crack markets of non-fiction illustration, for books, web, even tea towels - no wait thats against the argument I’m making here isn’t it.

What am I typing!?

Welcome to Ste’s new and improved blog where he writes what he thinks, speaks in the first and third person at the drop of a hat and does not edit any of it (except then when I deleted a misplaced t).

Wow this has gone off on one. I really enjoyed working on this illustration and originally it was meant to be a book cover but eventually it turned into a tea towel and the honest answer is I want to keep the work page streamlined to now more than 10 - 12 really strong pieces I’m happy with, so far the only piece of work Im happy with is this one but hey the 8 that are on the main page are just the beginning, this tea towel may make it there eventually, epsecially if more floral designs happen but I wanted to share it so here it is.

If you fancy buying one, they’re £8.99 from the Jane Austen Centre

Man that was a whitter - didn’t reread either.