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Wow! I got published


I started illustrating in 2014, 15, 14, yeah 2014. Pretty sure it was 2014. Regardless when I went into I wanted to draw that was my remit. I wanted to draw to make a living. My thinking was, if you’re going to work then do something you enjoy doing so you have a better time working. I just didn’t want to do something that made me miserable or bored so yeah I’m going to draw for a living.

Sounds great doesn’t it. Now! What ARE you going to draw? I asked myself (before I keep jumping from first to third person here). I didn’t have a clue to be honest. At the time I was well into cycling and had just lost weight so was enjoying wearing nicer clothes and suits etc. So I thought they’d be my arena’s - never did I think of children’s illustration as I didn’t really want to draw kids style images at that time.

My complete failure to crack the cycling and fashion illustration world kind of cast me adrift and I found myself actually working in animation and infographics. Great, I’ve got a direction and I enjoyed working in the animation team, working with animators and creating character designs and backgrounds. Still never thought children’s books. However in a twist of fate, I got myself a commission, illustrating a couple of non-fiction books for children and I loved it - it was drawing something that was fairly realistic (which I always enjoy) and it was in an area that I wanted to try and get into after 4 years riding on luck and kindness of some lovely people and agencies (mainly Splinter who really I will always owe so much too).

So to anyone starting out don’t worry about the start because unless you’re very focused already - the illustration journey leads to places you know not where, I certainly didn’t and now I have 2 books published. Oh yeah - they’re Wow! Dinosaurs and Wow! Vehicles - ha very good Steven don’t mention the actual books :S

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